Seattle Shadows

Sunday, September 22, 2075

Nothing Good Happens at 3:17 AM

Source: Bizzy

Client: Donnie Hua

Job Type: Investigation, Extraction, Asset Defense

Reward: 22,000 Nuyen, paid on completion

Runners were sent to Kuar's Farm by Donnie Hua to investigate aggressive behavior by paracritters, put a stop to the attacks, and extract Donnie.   Investigating the scenes of the attacks, the runners detected two forces at work.  The first, groups of animals, directed by something, but still behaving as animals.  The other looked to be the work of a Gabriel Hound that was behaving intelligently, and stashing trees in bodies, and evidently immune to bullets.

Returning to the Farm, the runners defended it from a siege of Paracritters, and members of the Children of the Naked Dawn.  The Children are based out of the Plastic Jungle, an old greenhouse complex.  The Runners investigated the Plastic Jungle the next morning, and found about 15 prisoners, who informed the Runners that the Children had left.  The Runners tracked the children, and their leader, a Wendigo, to an old apartment building, and terminated all of them with extreme prejudice.

Payment received in full, and Raven obtained 15,000 Nuyen for the outstanding Knight Errant bounty on Wendigos.



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